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Prices represent peak average daily gas price by city for select U.S. cities 6.Price in US Dollars per Million Metric British Thermal Unit. 6 month history.When the economy is booming, output from the industrial sectors generally increases.Natural gas is an attractive fuel because it is clean burning and efficient.As electricity currently supplies most of the cooling energy requirements, and natural gas supplies most of the energy used for heating, population movement may decrease the demand for natural gas for these customers.The state of the economy can have a considerable effect on the demand for natural gas in the short term.Comparison of natural gas prices in Japan, United Kingdom, and United States, 2007-2011.Participants use these tools to further hedge their financial exposure to the underlying price of natural gas.

By the 1970s, there were shortages of price-regulated interstate gas, while unregulated gas within the gas-producing states (intrastate gas) was plentiful, but more expensive.

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Th e European gas market split,. spot market prices in Europe have traditionally hovered above oil-indexed prices.Cooling degree days are also measured by the difference between the average temperature and 65 degrees.

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Changing demographics also affects the demand for natural gas, especially for core residential customers.Tornadoes can have a similar effect on onshore production facilities.

Market mechanisms in Europe and other parts of the world are similar, but not as well developed or complex as in the United States.

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On the other hand, when the economy is experiencing a recession, output from industrial sectors drops.

The natural gas market in the United States is split between the financial (futures) market, based on the NYMEX futures contract, and the physical market, the price paid for actual deliveries of natural gas and individual delivery points around the United States.Because the U.S. natural gas market is so large and well developed and has many independent parts, it enables many market participants to transact under complex structures and to use market instruments that are not otherwise available in a simple commodity market where the only transactions available are to purchase or sell the underlying product.For example, Hurricane Katrina (2005) resulted in massive shut-ins of natural gas production.In general the core customers (residential and commercial) do not have this ability, however, a number of industrial and electric generation consumers have the capacity to switch between fuels.With leading market data, price assessments and insight from global commodity markets, Platts makes analysis easy - request a trial today.Links to Gasoline Price Information, finding the least expensive gas, improving the gas mileage of your car, state and national gas prices from the U.S. Department of.

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The government may allow a part of the natural gas produced by firms like ONGC and Reliance Industries from new discoveries to be sold at market price as.However, as more power plants are fueled by natural gas, natural gas demand could in fact increase.

This practice allows for the hedging of financial exposure to transactions in the physical market by allowing physical suppliers and users of natural gas to net their gains in the financial market against the cost of their physical transactions that will occur later on.

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Gas prices are rising so make sure you switch suppliers to get a better deal.It has become increasingly important to have immediate access to live market prices. Our analysis shows that gas prices are strongly cointegrated,...Natural Gas Prices Fall Near 17-Year Low Forecasts for the next two weeks calling for warmer weather amid supply glut.Natural gas chart and articles about prices, news, and analysis.The price of natural gas can, for certain consumers, affect its demand.

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In North America, gas is imported from several countries, Canada and the US as well as abroad in the form of LNG from countries such as Trinidad, Algeria and Nigeria.Many market participants, especially those transacting in gas at the wellhead stage, then add or subtract a small amount to the nearest physical market price to arrive at their ultimate final transaction price.Due to the shift in population in the United States toward the sun belt, summer demand for natural gas is rising faster than winter demand.Prices paid by consumers were increased above those levels by processing and distribution costs.Weak consumer demand is offsetting volatility in oil prices and leaving retail gasoline markets relatively unchanged in the United States, analysis finds.Falling gas prices have spurred demand for higher-priced pickups and SUVs, but longer term the auto industry has concerns about cheaper fuel.