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Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this letter.It has been a major disease which many people and lives are fighting against.I enrolled into a TCC campus to further my education, but as I said I am a single father I have no spare time as it is.Andrew Holder, james oduor, Shabba Ranks and 8 others like this.

I am a christian, dependable, hardworking, honest, fast learner, with a big heart that love all that God has created.Their names get counted. wealthy make and give away their money.Andrew Holder, james oduor, Shabba Ranks and 7 others like this.About three thousand more dollars would be enough to purchase the remaining materials to get the home liveable.I come from a big family of thirteen kids so it seems like a big number.

Anyone, Please help them build their houses by means of your donation.Please, do complete the short application form given below and we promised to help you out in any financial needs you are in.If you are not in a position to do that help, then please help me in other way to solve my problems.Here are 10 differences between middle class and rich people. discipline do you get. in how rich people look at money compared.All the ideas are legal and legitimate and require a lot of hard work and thinking.I am aware some people never achieve one miracle in their lives, and we have,and not a day goes by that we arent thankful however we would love to spend special time with our miracle filling it with joy and happiness not worry and stress, any help would be gratefully received.

Me and my partner have worked hard in preparation for this day and have so far managed to buy a house (shared ownership) and have saved vigourously for baby essentials.My grandmother is on a mortgage owing the bank 30,000 and it is killing her.I am also wanting to get up the money to get me and my children in a better living situation than what we are in at the moment.

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You must know what to do with your excess money before it gets to you.The way I see it is rich people have lots of money, some of them have a heart, poor people have little money and need money to get out of poverty.My father passed away when I was 6 years old so I have no support from him.

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I am behind on most of my bills and am about to loose my car.I need someone to pay for my plane ticket and rent for two months while i study there.I just feel i have to complete my studies and help my little siblings (3girls and 2 boys).Now they request their money and I am not in a position to pay money back.All legitimate financial assistance programs can be found here.I have included a list if pictures below of rich people who give money.

My plan is to invest in a small property, land and real-estate business and i only need 100,000 USD for the principle to start it.My wish is to find someone wealthy enough to help my dream come true.Im now living with my gf and I sometimes wish I had a job to help out but its almost impossible to get a job with my record even though its assualt and not rape it still messes with alot of my options that I have wanted to do.Reply Delete wdr3966 23 April 2013 at 18:18 Dear Givers, My name is William.

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If you really do have a hardship then ask for a reasonable amount.

I currently work part-time in retail but due to company budget cuts, I barely make enough to get by month-to-month.However none of that has happened, I barely have friends, never had a proper girlfriend and o yea 21 and still a virgin.I want someone to give me 1 million dollars, not because i dont have money at all or i need them for a serious reason. its just because u people have A LOT OF MONEY.

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I just want to make sure my little girl has an opportunity in life as far as schooling and exploring her talents in the arts.I have thought some pretty scary thought lately about how to make some fast cash and I do not want to resort to them but if need be I will have no choice.Find Some Money is a Registered Company Trading Under Find Some Money Limited.No matter how you define rich, this is the only way to get. money. On the upside, after a year you. rich--and will let you join a group of people.

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Ive always wanted too give them the life that I had as a kid but instead the life I gave them never turned out like mine.Without any delay Apply for your best and easy Loan here with us.The sites have contact details for millionaires, billionaires and celebrities.God bless:) Reply Delete aneta kamysz 13 May 2013 at 14:59 Hi if you feel I am the right person to send the money then please do.

This village was destroyed By Felix out of 87 home only 4 were left.Do It Yourself Fundraising: How to Ask for Money. 3 documentation available when you get it.We would like to be given a chance to start from a clean slate.Also always explain why you need the money, be as descriptive as possible and go into detail.

We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to help people make more money and save more money.I have been going through many hardships relating to these situations and they are destroying my life and well being, there are no ways to overcome these problems in the city I live in because there are no jobs and the economy is at a halt in this city.

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I have not work cause I still have to go to school and finish college.We are falling behind on our mortgage, and need to get caught up.To all the wealth people who see this message, i hope you can feel how i feel when someone is down and have no choice to choose.