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The U.S. Senate ultimately recessed without passing the legislation.This sets the stage for a Trump move on the sanctions and a much closer relationship between Exxon and Rosneft.A projected marked slowdown in oil demand growth next year and the anticipated arrival of additional Iranian barrels—should international sanctions be.Saudi Arabia plans to cut spending: is the drop in oil prices starting to bite.Life after sanctions: Iranian gasoil flows to ARA refining hub December 14, 2016.

Together, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan have the highest economic activity of any Russian region complete with advanced refinery and petrochemical complexes and automotive and aerospace industries.Platts editor John-Laurent Tronche explains how shippers traveling within 200 miles of US shores are just six months away from new emissions regulations, which will lower the amount of sulfur in fuel allowed within Emission Control Areas.Clean tanker market stays resilient despite rocky 2012 demand December 5, 2012.I appreciate your insights on Chinese corporate participation in the global oil markets.Variable Buzzard field production dismays traders November 13, 2012.It employs professionals who are very careful in how they operate, can influence both sides of the aisle, and adopt strategies that are well thought out and achievable.Platts editors examine the bullish turn in low sulfur fuel oil after months of decline, on the back of rising demand and lower volumes available.

In a global economy, few nations could maintain an adequate standard of.Platts editors examine the factors behind a recent rise in physical crude oil differentials in the Atlantic Basin, focusing on the sweet crude market.As arb from NWE slams shut, where will Med utilities get their fuel oil from.European crude hits a sweet spot as the physical market tightens July 10, 2015.

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Why have US distillate exports declined recently and what do strong diesel crack spreads mean for US refineries expanding operations.Platts oil markets editors discuss the factors that have contributed to the recent record strength in the dirty tanker market and its impact on crude oil differentials.

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IHS Crude Oil Markets offers a combination of regularly updated global oil data and forecasts, covering supply, production, price, infrastructure, and.Ultra-low crude prices combined with cheap shipping rates are encouraging a host of exotic new oil.The Global Refined Oil Industry 2015 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Refined Oil industry.Platts EMEA crude oil team discusses the recent changes in European refining margins, which have seen dramatic and interesting developments in the worlds of sweet and sour crude driven by both crude and oil product values.Assessing the recent oversupply situation in the European jet fuel markets and whether prices are on the rise in line with summer demand.

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This is a very dangerous situation for a nation whose central budget and domestic financial balances remain dependent upon crude oil revenues.European ULSD liquidity surges and looks set to remain strong May 8, 2014.High sulfur gasoil adjusts to its changing demand patterns July 10, 2013.

High freight rates limit strengthening of West African crude prices March 12, 2015.Some estimates now put it at over 12% per annum at the largest (and oldest) fields as early as 2018.Fundamentals behind an abundance of supply and lack of arbitrage opportunities which has seen NWE fuel oil market physical discounts deepen and the market contango widen.Platts editors discuss the recent change in the European jet fuel specification and the serious implications for oil traders and pipeline operators across the continent.Platts EMEA oil team discusses the current environment in the European light ends markets and the factors contributing to chronic weakness in the global naphtha market.

For a discussion of the energy crisis of the same period, see 2000s energy crisis and.European diesel prices pressured by record US exports November 19, 2013.Additionally, during the most recent global combat over market share (largely versus the Saudis in competition over oil sales to Asia), Russian production rose to over 11 million barrels a day.The rise and fall of Urals crude oil differentials September 4, 2012.Russian 10 ppm diesel exports to Europe dip in October but are set to grow October 13, 2014.Platts Asia crude oil team examines reasons for the downward trajectory of the Asia Pacific sweet crude market, and share their insights on what incoming West African cargoes could mean for Asia.Latest EU sanctions set to hit Russian oil majors September 10, 2014.Delta Air Lines becomes jet fuel supplier through refinery purchase May 1, 2012.Dichotomy of European high and low sulfur fuel oil values March 7, 2012.

Surging gasoline prices support stellar USGC cracking margins November 18, 2013.Impact of July South Korean tax reform on North Sea crude arbitrage April 3, 2013.Russian oil exports tumble ahead of 2015 tax changes November 26, 2014.

The kingdom maintains its policy of defending market share, but will some oil projects be vulnerable to its spending cuts.Dynamics driving prices in the European diesel market October 4, 2012.The Chinese oil sector is traditionally controlled by the state but this seems about to change.Protected by copyright of the United States and international treaties.Alison Ciaccio and Bridget Hunsucker discuss Cushing, Oklahoma, the basis for the NYMEX light sweet crude contract, and the possibility of starting new US futures contracts.Record high Baltic Aframax freight rates boosted by increased April Urals loadings April 10, 2013.The long-awaited Seaway Pipeline reversal has started, with crude being delivered from the glutted US Midwest to Gulf Coast refiners.

Following Q3 earnings in which oil companies have taken a severe hit from low prices, Platts discusses how the industry is adapting and some of the more surprising outcomes of the slump.Interview with Budd Darr, senior vice president of technical and regulatory affairs at Cruise Lines International Association, on how tighter emissions regulations are impacting the global cruise liner industry.Elza Turner, Russian domestic market reporter, and fuel oil reporters George Martiniuc and Ned Molloy, discuss the impact of the new Russian tax regime on fuel oil export flows so far and why levels remain steady despite the less favorable duty.